Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

MPCA Pollution Program Context

  • 1990 to now – MPCA, MnTAP and partners implement the Minnesota Toxic Pollution Prevention Act, aimed at preventing emissions and waste prior to recycling, primarily by funding P2 assistance to businesses and organizations
  • 2008 to now – MPCA and MnTAP have been using EPA P2 grants to explore State government’s role in promoting wider use of green chemistry & design in Minnesota
  • In contrast to 20 years of working on P2 in production processes, MPCA views the ongoing green chemistry and design explorations as focusing further “upstream;” on improving the environmental and human health performance of products

MPCA Green Chemistry and Design Exploration

  • Financial: demonstration grants to companies, state purchasing
  • Assistance: MnTAP, other partners and models
  • Policy (Legislative reports and follow-up recommendations; Environmental Initiative stakeholder process and follow-up)
  • Networking: MN Green Chemistry Forum and others including national
  • Private leadership/Public partnership
  • Education: grants to educators, possibly other roles


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