The Great Plains Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that brings together key public and private leaders in the Midwest to accelerate the transition to a renewable and low-carbon energy system by mid-century. We work collaboratively with a diverse group of creative, intelligent individuals to achieve consensus on policy and technology recommendations for businesses and government.

Because the Midwest has vast and largely untapped sources of clean, domestic energy to produce power, fuels and materials, and because the realities of geopolitics and global warming have come home to roost, our region is poised to make rapid and sweeping changes in its energy system - changes that will grow good jobs and revitalize our struggling industries. We are working with policymakers, industry executives, university researchers, and environmental advocates to capture the enormous economic prize these home-grown resources represent. By taking in a wide range of viewpoints and approaching issues from many angles, we have successfully crafted and implemented policies, technologies and practices that work for people, businesses, and our environment for over twelve years.

United States