Remarkable Technology

The technology to create ionized water through water electrolysis has been available for over 100 years. It has been used to clean medical devices, computer chips, even food processing plants. In the past, electrolysis was attained through water mixed with salt creating ionized water. Today, Activeion technology forgoes the salt and simply adds a low level of electric current to water to create the same effect. This adapted technology generates electrically charged bubbles that attack the dirt and lift it from the surface.

Where We've Been

In February of 2009, Activeion revolutionized the cleaning industry first introducing the Activeion Pro, a handheld device that transforms tap water into an effective cleaner. The objective was to create a safer, and more sustainable world through eliminating the need to constantly purchase disposable general-purpose cleaning chemicals. Today, there are two products, the ionator EXP™ with features designed for professional use and the ionator HOM™ designed specifically for residential use.

Here's What We Think

At Activeion we believe you can eliminate dirt and germs and still be safe for people, animals and the environment. We think our kitchen counters, dining tables and baby toys should be truly clean, with zero residue. We're passionate about protecting the ones we love not only against harmful bacteria, but against harmful chemicals as well. And we're determined to make our planet a clean, healthy place to live.