The PBT Profiler was designed to be an easy to use, widely available, no-cost tool to screen chemicals lacking experimental data in order to help identify pollution prevention (P2) opportunities. It is a continuation of the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OSCPP, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) Pollution Prevention (P2) Assessment Framework—a collection of screening models and methods to help promote the design, development, and application of safer chemicals and processes. The P2 Framework uses computerized methods, such as structure/activity relationships (SARs) and standard scenarios, to predict risk related data (physical/chemical properties, bioconcentration, environmental fate, carcinogenicity, toxicity to aquatic organisms, worker and general population exposure, and other information) on chemicals lacking experimental data. The PBT Profiler arose from experience gained in the P2 Framework's outreach program, a vigorous set of initiatives by collaborators in the business, government, and academic sectors to promote the voluntary use of these tools to reduce pollution and highlight the potential economic benefits of informed environmental decision making.


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